1. oranbeg:

    Opening Friday August 22nd 7-10pm
    Located at Dossier Outpost 
    South Street Seaport
    89 South St, New York, NY 10038
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    Artha AIR Anthony Cudahy is featured in a group show, opening this Friday. The show is a part of Oranbeg’s Last Call at the Dossier Outpost, South Street Seaport.

    Curated by Max Branigan, James Gentile and John M. O’Toole.
    Artists: Marianne Arnesen, Brenda Bingham, James Gentile, Anthony Cudahy and Richard Perez.

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    Katherine Wolkoff- Deer Beds

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    LITERALLY how can this petition possibly still be struggling to break 70k signatures?? are you against more measures to keep cops from killing black people in the streets? in their own homes? please signal boost this petition to all your social media sites.

    This is the petition literally:

    "Petitioning President Barack Obama:  Please Enact New Federal Laws to Protect Citizens from Police Violence and Misconduct"

    Signal boost the shit out of this.

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    Meet Jedidah Isler

    She is the first black woman to earn a PhD in astronomy from Yale University.

    As much as she loves astrophysics, Isler is very aware of the barriers that still remain for young women of color going into science. “It’s unfortunately an as-yet-unresolved part of the experience,” she says. She works to lower those barriers, and also to improve the atmosphere for women of color once they become scientists, noting that “they often face unique barriers as a result of their position at the intersection of race and gender, not to mention class, socioeconomic status and potentially a number of other identities.”

    While Isler recounts instances of overt racial and gender discrimination that are jaw-dropping, she says more subtle things happen more often. Isler works with the American Astronomical Society’s commission on the status of minorities in astronomy.

    She also believes that while things will improve as more women of color enter the sciences, institutions must lead the way toward creating positive environments for diverse student populations. That is why she is active in directly engaging young women of color: for example participating in a career exploration panel on behalf of the Women’s Commission out of the City of Syracuse Mayor’s Office, meeting with high-achieving middle-school girls. She is also on the board of trustees at the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST).

    “Whether I like it or not, I’m one of only a few women of color in this position,” she says. “Addressing these larger issues of access to education and career exploration are just as important as the astrophysical work that I do.”

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  9. Im sorry

  10. binchute:

    I’ve been playing around with the new (well, new-ish) Minecraft resource pack format and made a pack that turns all testificates into Sjin—complete with replacing all testificate sounds with Sjin’s voice. Because why not, eh?

    Download the pack here (mediafire link) IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Mojang changed the name of the folder sounds are drawn from, so this pack won’t work in Minecraft 1.7+ unless you download… the new version hahaha download it here (still a mediafire link). If you want a version that works pre-1.7, use the first link.

    Simply download, place into your Minecraft resource pack folder, and enjoy watching Sjins run around oohing and opening and closing doors. Just like the real Sjin!

    This pack was designed with the upcoming updates to resource packs in mind, that allow you to have more than one pack applied at a time. That way you can have, say, Faithful or Sphax or OCD or whatever applied but still enjoy having Sjins frolicking around your world! (Note: the pack is 100% compatible with the current Minecraft, it just means that everything other than Sjin will be the default texture pack.

    Just listen what people have to say:

    "sjin testificates r00l" - thesmutlord

    "really really kawaii and mildly sexual" - syncrasis

    "i tried to drown myself" - ridgedog

    Enjoy ( ⊙‿ʖ⊙)